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§7.04. The Civil Service Commission

A. Composition and Term. The Civil Service Commission shall consist of three (3) electors of the City, not holding other municipal office, to be appointed for a term of six (6) years, except that of the three first appointed, one shall be appointed for a term of two (2) years, one for a term of four (4) years, and one for a term of six (6) years. B. Duties. The Civil Service Commission shall provide by rule for the ascertainment of merit and fitness as the basis for appointment and promotion of all regular employees in the service of the City as required by the Constitution and laws of Ohio, and for appeals from the action of the City Manager in any case of transfer, reduction or removal. The action of the Commission on any such appeal shall be final, except as otherwise provided by the laws of Ohio. Civil Service examination shall not be required for the appointment of any member of a board or commission, or to the Clerk, or to appointment to any office or position requiring professional or exceptional qualifications. All permanent employees who have had at least twelve (12) months service with this City prior to the effective date of this Section may be retained in the same or any similar position without examinations. Except as herein provided, the Civil Service Commission shall determine the practicability of competitive examinations for any non-elective office or job classification in the service of the City.

Current Members

  1. Chris Wolfe
  2. Angela Booth
  3. Terry Koons