Available within the City of Nelsonville

Limited applications are available for Residential Rehabilitation Assistance within the City of Nelsonville.


Download the full flier for this announcement here.

Assistance may be available for the following measures:

Electrical, Heating, and Plumbing, Roofs and Gutters, Interior Surfaces and Floor Coverings, Door and Windows, to name a few.

Applicants must meet the following household income guidelines (adjusted for family size) to be eligible.

1@ $34,4003@ $44,200 5@ $53,050 7@ $60,900
2@ $39,300 4@ $49,100 6@ $57,000 8@ $64,850

Contact Jeremy Boggs at the Housing and Weatherization office for further information at: (740) 753-3062 or 1-866-992-8858